Activity Series

A black and white image of a woman stretching next to a black and white image of a man running in an urban setting in Nike running shoes

Olympia Sports
Activity Series

Activities to get your heart rate up and keep your body
happy and healthy — all indoors!
Follow along with the Olympia Sports Activity Series to keep up-to-date on at-home workouts and backyard fun. Our goal is to continue encouraging our community of Olympia Sports customers and their families to keep active and stay healthy. Use the hashtag #MyOlympiaSportsActivity to share how you're staying active!

At-Home Workout Series

Ideas For Staying Active

A woman running up stairs


Running is a tried-and-true solo activity that will get your heart rate up, relieve stress and burn some extra energy.
A woman walking along a deserted sidewalk


Get those steps in! A once-a-day walk is a great way to keep moving, stay motivated, and relieve stress.
Brothers playing in an inflatable pool in the backyard

Backyard Fun

Need some kid-friendly activities? Backyard games will get your family outside for some fresh air!
A woman in athletic clothes doing a lunge

Indoor Training

Gym or fitness center closed? There are lots of other ways to strength train and tone indoors!
A woman with a pair of blue boxing gloves


A perfect pair of cardio and strength training. And with the right gear, you can do this workout at home!
A woman in a blue outfit stretching on a yoga mat in her living room


Countless benefits, including stress relief, mindfulness, core strength and more. All you need is a mat!
A basketball hoop with a hand outstretched making a layup


The perfect driveway activity for your kids to keep active and practice their fundamentals.
A kid playing goalee in his backyard about to dive for a ball


Need to stay in-shape for season? Dribbling and goal-practice is a great activity for the backyard.

Follow Along

Use the hashtag #MyOlympiaSportsActivity and share how you’re keeping active! Follow us for more tips: