Five Exhilarating Winter Activities


Avoid the Lines at the Ski Resorts with These Five Exhilarating Winter Activities

1.       Snowshoeing

Believe it or not, snowshoeing is the fastest growing winter sport! And it makes sense, too. It’s easy to learn, you can do it virtually anywhere, and it doesn’t break the bank. All you really need is a pair of snowshoes and some cozy clothes to brave the winter elements. The most important factor when it comes to buying snowshoes is finding the right size, as surface area and weight play key roles in the function of ‘flotation’, which allows you to travel across thick snow without sinking or struggling. Some of the more popular sizes are 8”x25” and 9”x30”, but make sure to double check before hitting the backcountry, a local golf course (with permission), or even your back yard. There’s a reason why this sport has been around for thousands of years!  

2.       Ice Fishing

Do you love fishing out on the water but can’t stand the mosquitos? Then ice fishing is perfect for you! After checking with your state’s fishing regulations, bundle up and head to the frozen lake with your fishing license and your favorite fishing gear. The ice should be a clear blue color and at least 4 inches deep if you’re heading out on feet. Once you’ve found the perfect fishing spot, it’s up to you to drill your hole and decide how you want to spend your day. Modern ice fishing gear is highly specialized, with powered ice augers to drill perfect holes and sonar devices to be as efficient as possible catching fish while out on a crisp winter day. But old-school angling and waiting for a bite while sitting on a 5-gallon bucket can be just as good. Most importantly, dress appropriately from head to toe for the conditions and pay attention to changing weather. A warm beverage will never have tasted so good!

3.       Sledding

There’s nothing like quite bombing down a snow-covered hill with your friends or family while pretending to be the Jamaican bobsled team from Cool Runnings. Sledding is one of winter’s most loved recreational activities for all ages due to the sheer fun and simplicity. Just dress warm, find a safe snowy hill, and grab one of the many varieties of sleds that exist nowadays to have an exhilarating time this winter. Balaclavas can be your best friend to protect your face from the frigid, whipping wind as you fly down that hill!

4.       Nordic Skiing

A great exercise that can be done almost anywhere during the winter months is Nordic, or cross-country skiing. If you’re a beginner, don’t be intimidated! Once you have your proper equipment (cross-country skis, boots, poles) and winter clothing, get outside and start shuffling down the trail! Eventually, sliding one foot in front of the other will turn to a kick slide, and you’ll be gliding down the trail in no time. Nordic skiing is a great activity to do solo or with a group and is most spectacular on flat, forested trails. Golf courses work great as well (with permission)! 

5.       Ice Skating

One of the most beloved winter pastimes not named downhill skiing/snowboarding has got to be ice skating. This can be a free and exciting activity for the whole family if you happen to live by a frozen lake or pond. If not, check out some local rinks in your area and lace ‘em up! Just be certain that the ice is thick enough to skate on, which can be checked using an auger or ice chisel. It’s also smart to check with local authorities that monitor ice conditions. Spend the day out on the ice with some hockey sticks or do some quadruple salchows, do almost anything just as long as you’re dressed warmly and having fun.

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